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Choosing your granite color is the biggest decision you'll have to make before you can have the stone fabricated and installed in your home. You'll also have to discuss layout options, design elements such as a radius on your island, and decide on a backsplash size. One of the final decisions will be your "edge profile". The edge profile is the shape your edge takes. Typically, the Straight Edge (also called an Eased Edge or Flat Edge) is the only edge that doesn't require an upgrade. At Denver Granite and Remodeling, we also offer the Half Bullnose, the Half Inch Beveled Edge, and the 3/4 Inch Beveled Edge. All the standard edges are 3 cm thick. This is the standard size for granite slabs.

The Half Inch Bevel is a subtle, angular edge. It's a great way to get a heavy, modern look.

The 3/4 Inch Bevel has a slightly longer pitch (the top half of the bevel) than the Half Inch Bevel and a shorter rise (the bottom half). It's a beautiful marriage between the strong, hard lines of a shorter bevel and the elegance of an ogee edge and is a great way to show off a beautiful stone. The long pitch also highlights a pattern with movement, as you can see in the above photo.

The Half Bullnose Edge adds curves to the room. Out of all the standard edges, this one most shows off the thickness and solidity of the granite.

The Ogee Edge is a classic look that evokes the ornate elegance of other eras. It can have a deeper, more dramatic curve or it can have a more subtle line.